Francisco Barrios

In the Country of Lost People

In Off on 01/11/2018 at 07:54

     I lived in the US twenty years ago as a graduate student. Now I am back as a visiting teacher for one year. Many things have changed, and nothing has. But now we have the appalling frequent mass shootings in this country that I admire and love. And it strikes me how the media portray the shooters as deranged loners. That they are for sure, but they are also some of the many loners which just went astray in this union of states that just seems too big to hold together. I have felt a bit lonely since I arrived a couple of weeks ago, but I chat and converse with friends an family here and there, and also at home in Colombia every single day.

     On a Sunday morning through my window, I see an inconspicuous jogger and a lonely employee, and I realize I am not by far any lonelier than they are.